Eating chocolate on the GAPS diet

It is true that Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride’s list of foods prohibited on the GAPS list includes chocolate. However, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Ellen Dart from Colorado, stated that

If someone is doing really well I generally say introduce it at the six-month mark. On the other hand, if you have a birthday or truly special celebration I would say treat yourself, knowing it is a legal indulgence.

The reason chocolate is not allowed on the GAPS diet is because it is known to irritate the lining of the gut. Some people–whether they are on GAPS or not–find that chocolate gives them diarrhea and when they remove it, the diarrhea ceases.

I consume this “chocolate” in the form of raw cacao powder, but I’m sure regular cocoa powder would be ok. Neither have added sugar or milk powder. Raw cacao powder is a superfood, with multiple times more anti-oxidants than blueberries and the highest source of magnesium among all foods.

One thought on “Eating chocolate on the GAPS diet

  1. I have had the same thoughts myself concerning raw chocolate – however having eaten some raw cacao liquor today I can definitely say that I have become more sensitive to it in my gut area so I think I wil be quite moderate regarding its consumption!
    Please check out my gaps blog – just started so there is only one post 🙂


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