About this blog

Welcome to GAPS on the Ganges!

My intention for this blog is to share delicious GAPS-friendly recipes, both Western and Indian, with those following the GAPS diet, the Simple Carbohydrate Diet, Paleo, or something similar. Being on such a restrictive diet, I find it is helpful to get regular inspiration and ideas from others on what to cook for dinner, what to snack on, and how to satisfy my sweet cravings. I hope this blog can do the same for you.


Victoria Memorial, Calcutta
Victoria Memorial, Calcutta

Before starting the GAPS diet, I made a lot of raw food and fresh juice. Most raw food is compatible with the GAPS diet in smallish quantities, and I’d like to share these wonderful foods with you! Also, I’d like to learn and share GAPS- friendly Indian foods. Indian fare includes many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes which are GAPS-friendly, dishes you may not have tried at an Indian restaurant, and who doesn’t like Indian food?

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