My approach

mint boquetThe foundation for optimal physical, mental and emotional health is a properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods diet. There is no one diet that suits everyone. Some may need more carbs, others may not be able to tolerate wheat or dairy. One’s individualized diet can depend on their constitution, their ancestry, health challenges, food allergies or intolerances, and activity level. Through the consultations and your experience over time, we can figure out what diet suits your body. If our sessions are in person, I can even test for food allergies or intolerances. If you are long-distance, I can show you how to determine any food allergies or intolerances yourself.

The second most important foundation to health is your digestion, a healthy gut, adrenal health and blood sugar regulation. Your ability to break down and absorb the nutrients you put in your mouth largely determines the supply of the necessary ingredients for all of your body’s functions. What do I mean by this? Your ability to fully digest your carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals AND the health of your intestines play a large role in your energy levels, ability to lose weight, blood sugar regulation, your sex hormones (which affects your fertility and sex life), your thyroid, your heart health, bone health and your immune system.

An optimal diet and optimal digestion often do not supply all the necessary nutrients to restore proper function and correct deficiencies. High quality supplements must be employed. Using a series of tests I perform on the body during the in-person session (see more about the Functional Evaluation here), I can tap into your body’s innate intelligence to inform which supplements will work for you at that moment in time.

Diet, digestion, gut health,  blood sugar regulation and adrenal health is where we start to improve health status. Stress management, adequate sleep, hydration, movement and sunshine (and gene expression) are also critical to attaining optimal health.