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Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness.

—modified from Edward Stanley (1826-1893) in The Conduct of Life

Acid reflux,
stools that are too loose or too irregular,
trouble sleeping,

Your symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something is not right.

There is a complex interplay of cause and effect between your diet, digestion, health of your gut, sleep, blood sugar regulation, mental health, weight management, stress, exercise, ability to handle stress, the health of your adrenals and thyroid, balance of hormones, fertility, immune and heart health, and many other aspects of your health.

Let’s address the underlying cause and bring your body back into balance!

Free one-hour consultation

I offer a free one-hour consultation wherein we can discuss the health concerns you want to work on and you can decide if my approach aligns with what you are looking for. First I conduct an initial interview and thorough health history. (Fill out the Contact Me form in the middle of the right sidebar or click here to schedule this initial). The health history helps me detect the underlying causes of specific health challenges so that the root cause and contributing factors can be addressed. After hearing your issues of concern, I ask you about your health goals and challenges and provide a couple recommendations to start you on the right track. I then explain how I work in terms of my philosophy and what we would do during the sessions.

I live in Boulder, Colorado and can see local clients in person and long-distance clients through Skype.

Subsequent SessionsScreen shot 2015-11-04 at 10.00.05 PM

If you are local, sessions are held in person twice a month and last 60 minutes or 90 minutes. If you are long-distance, then we would have two 60-minute sessions per month over phone or Skype. The 60-minute session includes a check-in, answering any questions you may have, addressing any challenges in implementing my recommendations, reviewing your seven-day food journal, discussing how your diet, lifestyle and health issues are related, and new recommendations in terms of diet, lifestyle and supplements. I also use a detailed questionnaire about your symptoms to help me decide which health challenges should be addressed first.

The 90-minute session includes everything we do in the 60-minute session, as well as a functional evaluation and testing of supplements appropriate for you.

Functional Evaluation and testing of supplements

The functional evaluation is a series of palpations and some muscle tests on your body. The purposes of the tests are to determine

  1. which organs of digestion or blood sugar regulation are in need of support
  2. which organs to focus on supporting
  3. which supplements to recommend and dosing of each supplement
  4. food sensitivities, whether allergenic or digestive

One of the advantages of this type of testing is that, with proper technique and a neutral mind, I can establish an effective protocol of supplements (determined by your body’s innate intelligence) that will bring healing in a most efficient manner. For example, instead of testing for a supplement for one’s thyroid, I can determine what organs or emotions are affecting the thyroid, thereby getting to the root of the problem. Taking a high-quality supplement that tests well for both those organs and the thyroid leads to a more thorough and efficient healing.

A note about supplements supplements

High quality supplements are a very important part of the healing process. Diet itself is rarely, if ever, sufficient to bring about complete healing.

I can use a couple different tests that tap into your body’s innate intelligence to determine which supplements are most supportive of particular organs. (I also use flower essences to support emotions when they affect your physical body, but discussion of emotions is not necessary to find the correct support). Thus, I am not guessing which supplement will work for you; I am using your body’s innate intelligence to inform this decision. My recommendations of supplements are completely individualized for you.

Through my experience in testing many supplements on many people, I have realized how unique we all are. A supplement that you would think would benefit someone ends up not to test well for that person. For example, there are many high-quality probiotics on the market. Due to our unique gut bacteria profile and its ever-changing nature, they are not for everyone at all times. Supplements may benefit one now but not later, or later after other healing has taken place.

If you are long-distance, I can use your symptoms to determine which organs needs support and which supplements will be most effective.


In June of 2015, I began to work with Hilary to overhaul my diet. I thought I ate healthy, but yet I was often bloated, tired, and couldn’t seem to lose the nagging extra pounds around my middle. Her recommendations have given me a new lease on life. I feel invigorated most days, and feel lighter. In working with her, she helped me to discover a gluten intolerance of sorts. She helped me eliminate gluten from my diet. I went back to work this school year (I’m a teacher), and all my co-workers made comments about the weight I lost. I actually only lost 3 lbs, but changing my diet changed my body! I look better, feel better, and am actually willing to exercise. I have also been sleeping better, and getting deeper sleep on the supplement and diet regimen that she has recommended. Hilary helped me make some lasting changes so I can go into my 50th year of life feeling very vibrant and healthy!

-Judi Torneten, Omaha NE

What is required of you

Improving your health takes personal effort, time, planning and prioritization. You will need to make reasonable effort to implement my recommendations in terms of diet and lifestyle. You will also need to consistently take the recommended supplements. Supplements are absolutely essential to meet your health goals; diet simply is not enough.

Fill out the Contact Me form in the middle of the right sidebar or click here to send me any questions, comments or to schedule a free, one-hour, pressure-free initial consultation to find out if my service can be of benefit to you!